Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh no! I made a dot!

Sean was trying so very hard the other day to tie his shoes so we could go outside to play. I was busy at the moment with one of the girls, so I was unable to help him. I told him to untie his shoes and then put his feet in and I would help him with the rest. Well, he wanted to tie them himself, so he tried...bless his heart! After a few seconds, he looks at me with a very concerned expression and says, "Oh no! I made a dot!". Meaning of course that he had put a knot in the laces.


  1. Uh Oh! A dot's not good!
    I mean a knot!

  2. Cute! I love little kid's sayings.

    Looks like it probably won't be around 4th of July when we make our trip to Kansas; not sure when we'll be going, but we'll be back to visit sometime this year! So I'll let you know when, when we decide and everything :) .