Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Phony Crying

Lately the kids have decided that it is funny to pretend to cry. One of them will start faking it and the other will join in. Eventually it will end in laughter, but in the mean time if I am in another room and hear it from a distance I have to determine whether or not it is real and if I need to come and intervene. It can get most annoying very quickly. I tell them that they whine and cry enough without having to imitate eachother! Of course sometimes if I can't get them to shut it up I just join in and then they really think it is funny if mommy is fake crying too! After a while Eleanor will usually come over and give me a hug and a kiss as if she is not certain that I am really OK, so then I will cuddle with her and say mommy is fine and they will go back to playing with their toys together.


  1. LOL! Kids are funny! Although I can definitely see how this could get annoying :) .

  2. Funny Mommy to cry along!
    Way to have fun!