Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 1 ~ No paci

Last night I noticed that Eleanor's pink and yellow pacifier had a hole in the nipple. I'm unsure how it got there, but it is kind of gross because now her saliva gets inside the nipple and when she sucks or chews on it her spit becomes bubbly inside the paci. I was really disappointed that the paci has a hole because I had planned on boiling it and saving it back for Chloe. Oh well, now it can be donated to the trash can!

Anyway, Eleanor will be 2 in March and I know that it is high time that she be done with her pacifier, but I am having a hard time with her. Sean only had his for about nine months and he was completely done with it, so Eleanor being so attached to hers is new territory for me.

After some careful consideration and contemplation last night I finally decided that today would be the day. When I put Eleanor to bed last night I told her that she could have her paci, but in the morning she would have to be a big girl and say bye-bye to her paci and no more paci. She said "OK" and went to sleep. This morning when I got her out of bed she had her paci in her mouth, so I said "Ellie, it is time to give mommy your paci. You are a big girl now and don't need it anymore. No more paci, we need to say bye-bye to paci". Amazingly she said "OK" and gave it to me with no problems!

I have to admit I was very worried about how the day would go and how fussy she would be, but she only asked for it one time right before lunch and I told her it was all gone. She cried a little, but I told her no crying or she would get a spank and go to bed. She stopped crying and ate her lunch like a champ! Then she did ask for it again at naptime, but again I told her it was all gone and no crying and I have not heard a peep! I am so glad at how well the day has gone with no pacifier! I truly thought that it would be a very whiny day. Now we just need to see how the night goes at bedtime...I do still have one other pacifier on hand just in case. It is one that we don't use as often because it is red and blue and looks like it is more for a boy, but sometimes it is nice to have a back up for emergencies.

Chris had to be up very early this morning for a program at the college today. He won't be home till about 5:30, but then he will be home for the rest of the night. Anyway, he was long gone by the time the kids and I got up and when we all came out to the living/dining room area I noticed a gift bag on the table. It was obviously for the baby because it was a Winnie-the-Pooh baby gift bag. Well, I thought about waiting till Chris got home tonight to open it up, but I just couldn't wait and there was no tissue inside, so it was kind of hard not to peek. It was from one of his co-workers from the grocery store. She made a really cute flannel blanket and also got a sweet little outfit for the baby. The blanket has snowflakes and penguins in ice skates on the pattern and the other side is green with red polka-dots.


  1. I remember Tabitha being very attached to her paci. When it came "past" time to be done with it and I said, "No more. All done."
    (Ever notice how we speak in incomplete sentences sometimes to the kids?) I was surprised and relieved that Tab was more ready to be done than I expected!
    I hope Eleanor is the same!
    Chloe's outfit is cute!!!

  2. Hayley used a pacifier until 3 months when she switched to her thumb, which she still uses a lot. Apparently I sucked my thumb until kindergarten. Not sure how or when that situation will work out with Hays. Her Doctor says not to worry about it until she turns 4. I'm pretty sure she's going to have to get braces anyway--I had them for a long time. That's cool that Eleanor took the day well without the paci! I think those kinds of things can be more nerve racking for us parents because there is no telling how your kid is going to react. Cute present for Chloe! That was nice of Chris' co-worker.

  3. I totally just realized that you're having her this week on Friday!!! YAY!!!