Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our first big snow of the season!

Sometime after midnight last night it started snowing and sometime after one this afternoon it stopped snowing. It is three now and still flurrying a little, but not snowing like it was. Anyway, I took the kids out for about a half hour this morning to play in the snow. Here are some pictures! I also got some videos that I will maybe post later. They take a little longer to upload than pics.

The very first thing that Sean wanted to do was make an angel!

I had to convince Eleanor to come outside in the cold wet snow, but once she was out there and saw how much fun Sean was having she seemed to enjoy herself too!
Thanks to Grammy for Ellie's Dora snow boots so her little feet won't get cold and wet!

This is the face Sean made when I asked him to smile for a picture.

Eleanor fell down in the snow!

She didn't seem to mind her bottom getting cold, but I did have her layered underneath

Sean was busy building a snow castle! The snow wasn't wet enough to form snowballs or make a snowman.

Eleanor wanted to snuggle with brother when she got too cold!

This is Sean trying to throw a snowball at me!


  1. Snow!!! Man, I miss that stuff! Looks like they had fun--they look so cute all bundled up!

  2. Whee! Fun in the snow!!!
    They both look pleased!
    They were bundled up so snug!
    It is good to hear Joanne say she misses the snow!
    A true Kansas girl!!!
    You're gonna have a baby SOON!
    Wow! Whee!