Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hanging out with family this October

About 2 weeks ago we (mom, dad, Christine, Tab and kids, and me and kids) were all hanging out together. We ate at the Mexican restaurant in town and then walked down Main St. for a while. We stopped at the Swedish store that has the big Dala horse out in front and took some pictures. There is also a big porch swing there and we took pictures on that too!

Me and the kids

This was taken at the Mexican restaurant. Henry was holding his knife and fork very properly and cutting up his chips! I thought it was pretty funny that he knew how to do that! He is so observant and wants to be so "big"!

Mom and her girls, aka, "the big girls" Christine, Tab, Me, Mom

Christine, Eleanor, Marcail, Henry, Sean

Naomi, Eleanor, Sean, Henry, Marcail

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  1. Oh man, you had some cute pics on there! Of course the kids are always adorable, and I really liked the ones of your mom and her girls. I am so happy that I get to have another girl so Hayley can have a sister!