Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review - Happy 2014!

January – Lily moved to toddler bed.

February – We got a LOT of snow.  Someone busted Chris’s rear window.
March – Eleanor turned 6 on the 28th and I turned 30 on the 10th.  March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, would have been my due date for the baby we lost in September.  We got a nice family picture on Easter, thanks to my dad.
April – We spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying the spring weather.  We got a spring ice storm.
May – Tab and Toby came for a quick visit and a friend’s wedding.  We took a little family trip to the zoo on Mother's Day.

June – Sean turned 8 on the 22nd.  We spent some time in Missouri with Chris’s family.  The kids got to ride on their papa's motorcycle.

July – We had a fun Fourth of July.  Chris tuned 32 on the 12th.  We got a lot of rain and flooding.

August – We started homeschooling.  Sean got to fly in an airplane.  We got to see a red moon. 
September – Lilyana turned 3 on the 20th.  We went to the Kansas State Fair as a family field trip.  We got to start spending a lot more time with my mom, thanks to the freedom of homeschooling.

October – We got our first snow on the 18th, my mom’s birthday.  We went on a field trip to a friend’s farm where we got to bottle feed a calf and milk a cow.  We spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying the fall weather.  We visited our favorite pumpkin patch.  Chris and the kids made a Little Red Riding Hood music video and a Monster Mash music video.

November – Chris and I got to see Celtic Thunder in concert.  I have no picture for this event, but here are some pictures from November anyway.

December – Chloe turned 5 on the 19th.  We got quite a bit of snow and had a white Christmas.  Chris and I celebrated 11 years of marriage on the 14th.



  1. I LOVE this post Liv! This was an eventful year with many blessings! (My heart will always ache for the lost baby though…) I love you all soooo much!!!
    Happy 2014!