Thursday, September 05, 2013

Sunflowers, play dough, and new school books

We had a day with my mom the other day.  The plan was to make play dough, which we did, but we also found a pretty field of bright sunflowers and took some pictures.  So here are some pictures of the sunflowers and then the play dough

We got some new books for school.  The curriculum we were using just wasn't a good fit for Sean.  I personally liked it and didn't really have a problem with it, but it just wasn't working great for Sean.  It's been good for Eleanor though, but she is a different person, personality, grade, learning style etc.  So we got these new books and I love it because Sean and Eleanor can do a lot of it together, but they are also using some of the original curriculum that we got as well in their own grade/age/learning levels.  This curriculum has been built in such a way that you can really adjust it to fit your child's needs and you can school more than one child at the same time even if they are different ages/grades.  I think we are all going to be a lot happier with it.  Sean told me today, "I L-O-V-E it!" so that makes me happy!  He wasn't loving what we were doing before.
and last just a cute picture collage of the two middles

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