Thursday, September 05, 2013

Homeschool Preschool Learning Letters and Numbers

I am starting a letter and a number of the week with my two little girls.  Even if it doesn't totally sink in it's just something to keep them busy with school.  I think it will sink in for Chloe.  For Lily it will be a good head start, but she is pretty stinking smart though, so she will probably learn and remember a lot from it as well.  We are going to take it day by day and week by week and see where we get.

Anyway, from the pictures you can see that this week's focus is big A and little a and the number 1.  I made these little worksheets for them.  We said, "A is for apple.  The A says 'Aaahhh, where is my apple!?'".  It was pretty cute and they were really good at saying it by the end of the day.  A fun way to remember the A sound.  Then I asked them how many apples were on their page and of course the answer was 1, so on the other side there was a 1.  They used buttons and cheerios to "trace" the letters and number and I also had them trace it with their finger first.  Eventually I will have them write it with markers, crayons, possibly paint...  If I'm feeling particularly adventurous.  We just started this new routine today, so next Thursday will be the start of a new letter and number.  I am thinking Bb and 2 "Beware of the 2 buzzy bees!".

So another thing I did with the two little ones today was for 20 minutes at a time I would pull out just one box of certain toys that they could play with and after 20 minutes we would put it all away and get something else out.  This helped keep them busy without getting bored or making messes and I was able to work with Sean and Eleanor without so many distractions.

I'm really happy with the little changes we are making here and there to help our school day run a little smoother.

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