Friday, March 08, 2013

Exciting News!

We have decided that we will be homeschooling in the Fall!  We are all very excited about this and looking forward to the change!  I am going to be done babysitting at the end of May.  It has been nice taking care of the kiddos and making a little extra money, but it is time to be done.  I need to focus on my own kids.  I feel like I have missed out on so much with having two in school now.  I miss my kids!  Not to mention the fears after hearing about so many school shootings and hostages being taken from school buses.  I am looking forward to having my kids safe at home and having the freedom to teach them the BIBLE!  Sean especially has had a rough year at school.  I won't go into the details, but he is very unhappy at school and we feel that this change is exactly what our family needs.

I researched curriculum for a long time and I finally decided to go with Christian Light Education.  I ordered the books and they got here yesterday! :)  I went through all the books and made sure my order was complete and then I took pictures of course...  The kids were so excited and wanted to start school right away haha!  I have been letting them read some of their books and they are really enjoying them.  So happy!
The other news is that Sean will be getting bifocals soon.  I took him to the eye doctor yesterday and after a 2 hour visit it was discovered that he does indeed need glasses.  Bless his heart!  I feel so bad that I didn't take him a year or two ago!  He has great long distance vision and he is not color blind at all!  But he does have a harder time seeing close up, which is probably why he has been struggling with reading since Kindergarten :(  His right eye seems to be worse than his left eye.  Anyway, he did so great for his appointment!  The doctor seemed to think that he did really well communicating and answering all her questions.  I know he was getting tired and antsy and his eyes were dry when it was all over after having to look through all the lenses, but I am so glad I took him!  At the end of the exam the Dr took some sample lenses out of her drawer - she gave Sean a book to look at and then held the lenses up to his eyes - before she even had a chance to ask him how they worked he smiled so big and said "Yeah!  I can see that!"  It was adorable and made me so happy to see his eyes light up that way!  She even smiled and laughed and said, "That's what I was hoping for!  I love to see those kinds of reactions!" :)  So my little boy will have bifocals.  She said in the future we may want a pair of just regular reading glasses as well as the bifocals especially if he will be using the computer a lot, but at this point the bifocals are the better option.  He will be able to wear them at school for all of his classes and he will be able to look up at the board or see the maps or calendars etc on the walls and still be able to look down at the books or papers on his desk in front of him without having to take them on and off all the time.  He will just have to remember to take them off for recess and PE.  The doctor said that we should see an improvement in Sean's reading withing 2 weeks of having the glasses.  When she did the tracking test she noticed that his eyes were kind of jumpy/jerky at first and then started to focus better after a little while.  The glasses will help him focus on the words or numbers on his pages and books so he doesn't lose his place so often or mix letters, number, and words around so much.  She also said we could work on mazes to help him with tracking and focusing.  Anyway, Sean picked out some nice frames.  We will have them in a week and a half probably and I will update with a picture ASAP :)  He does have to go back in April to have his eyes dilated.  He is NOT looking forward to that at all :/


  1. Amazing news!You know I'm super happy and exited for you! It's a good thing you found out about Sean's need for glasses now rather than later :) I bet he was excited!

  2. Great about the glasses! Sounds like that will help him out a lot. Homeschooling, cool! You're all set to go already, amazing. That'll help the transition, I'm sure, since you've already got your curriculum.

  3. Yay for new glasses!!!
    I'm so happy for Sean!
    Excited also for you all in this new homeschooling endeavor.