Sunday, May 13, 2012

OK, this is another picture explosion. Sorry.

This is Sean doing his mile run at school.  That is his teacher standing there watching.
 Taking a walk with the kids.  I gave Chloe a piggy-back ride because her legs got tired.
 Lily fresh from the tub
 Lily loves to swing.
 She likes to swing with her favorite bear too!
 Waiting for the May Day Parade to start.
 Lily got sleepy waiting for the parade to start.
 Watching the parade.

 We decided to put a border around the mail box and put the rocks there instead.


  1. I think the yard is a definite improvement. Nice work!

    I'm glad you went to the parade, I'm sure it was fun for the kids!!

  2. Yea! It looks great! Praise the Lord for gorgeous weather to work in also!

  3. Cool yard work! It's fun to transform parts of the yard like that, there is definitely a lot of satisfaction in completing a project. Especially one that you get to see every day!

  4. How did Sean like running the mile? I remember doing that in grade school too, it was fun.