Monday, May 07, 2012

April/May updates

This post is long overdue.  The first picture is from April 17th.  Sean had a little school musical program called "Squirm".  It was cute and he had a lot of fun with it!
 Here is my super climbing baby!
 Sean borrowed a net from the neighbors to try to catch butterflies.  There are a ton of them that fly around our tree in the front yard.

 The girls got to have a little piano jam session before we left my Mom's house that day.  Always a great time!

 These last few pictures are from last weekend when Chris' parents were here.  Before they came I took the kids to the park to play and kill a little time.  We were able to keep it a secret that Papa and Grandma were coming ;)
 Sean was kind of in a bad mood, but he really likes the big turtle at the park!  His attitude improved once Papa and Grandma showed up at our house just a short time later.

 While here Chris' parents wanted to buy bikes for the two older kids, so we all went to Walmart and they each got a new bike!  It ended up getting kind of chilly and rainy, so we weren't able to ride bikes till after they left.  We live in back of a church that has a nice, big parking lot, so we can take the kids over to the church to ride bikes!  I can take Lily in the stroller and walk laps around the parking lot and get some exercise that way too!


  1. Those robins are too cute!
    Yay for new bikes!
    Love all the outdoor/nature pics.

  2. Love the pictures! And that is nice to have ample space to ride bikes at, and get a walk in!