Friday, November 04, 2011


Simon's grandparents were here visiting for quite a while, so I wasn't watching him while they were here.  We sure missed that little cutie!  We missed his sweet mommy too :)  Sean and Eleanor kept asking when his grandparents would go home so we could have him back!  Funny kids!  Anyway, I started watching him again on October 18th after not having him for close to a month!  I was worried that it would be hard to readjust, but it wasn't!  He is such a happy, easy-going baby that everything just fell back into place!

Here are some pictures I took of him.  
I am in love with this first one!  How could you not love that adorable little face!

 He was reaching for my camera and I thought that made a cool picture!

 This is another one of my favorites

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  1. These photos show his personality!
    Expressive & Interactive Simon!!