Friday, November 04, 2011

All Things Halloween-y

Ninja Turtle Sean, Neighbor Alexa Little Red Riding Hood, Princess kitty Eleanor, black kitty Chloe, ladybug Lily
 This one of Chloe reminds me of the Cowardly Lion on The Wizard of Oz the way she is holding her tail

 We went to Gaeddert Farm on the 30th.  We'd hoped to go through the corn maze, but decided to just let the kids enjoy some free play time instead.  The corn was not very tall and it was just too expensive for our whole family.  Maybe next year...
Here is Eleanor jumping into some hay/straw

Last year at this time Lily was a teeny tiny baby!  She was still wearing preemie clothes!
 Sean took this picture of me carving one of our pumpkins.  
Mine is the left and Chris's is the right.

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