Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

My grandad called me one evening to talk about setting up a surprise birthday party for my mom.  I had to be a little sneaky because mom and dad just happened to be over that evening when grandad called.  But we were able to pull it off!
Mom's birthday is actually tomorrow, but we had the party last evening at Grandad's.  I'm sorry I didn't get more pictures.  We should have gotten a group shot.  Anyway, both my Uncles were there with their families.  We had pizza and cake and it was a nice time visiting with family.
 Dad, Mom, and Eleanor looking at Grammy's cards and pictures the kids drew for her.
 Mom and Lily.  Lily's eyes look a little funny, but I think this is a great picture!  Mom you really are beautiful!  and I do think Lily looks a little like you... (:
 Before we left Grandad said, "You didn't get a picture of me and your mom!", so I went and got my camera and took a picture of them before we left!
Planning parties (especially surprise ones) isn't always easy.  Good work Grandad!


  1. It must be the year for suprise parties for moms! Looks like it was a lot of fun! :)

  2. Oh Liv love! Thanks for making the "chlocate" cake and thanks to Chris for decorating it! You did a great job keeping the surprise, Liv! It was a fun time and it helped make turning 50 (Whoa, baby) not quite such a shock, but I'm still wondering how all that time slipped away! Thanks for the sweet compliments!

  3. Nicely done! I'm so glad it worked out well!

  4. 50, no way! She doesn't look it. Yes, your mom is very beautiful! Inside and out. Kudos to your Grandpa for putting together a surprise party! And the cake is very cool!