Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fun day!

This afternoon/evening I took the kids to Grammy's Pumpkin Patch.  Chris works all the time pretty much and I'd wanted to go to the same corn maze we usually go to, but it costs a lot more money and there was no day that we could go as a family, so I just decided to take the kids myself to a closer pumpkin patch with free admission.  They did have activities that cost money, but I thought it was worth it for the experience.  It was really nice!  We were there for 3-4 hours.  There was a Veggie Tales movie they showed in the evening as the sun was setting.  They even had popcorn (for 50 cents a bag).
Lily was asleep in the stroller, so that is why she isn't in this picture.
 I love how these two pictures turned out!  Sean was so proud that he could read "Grammy's"
 We got to ride a horse drawn buggy!  The horse was a huge, lovely, Clydesdale!  I love Clydesdales!  Sean had his picture taken by Scotty (the horse), but the girls got spooked when he turned his head and snorted in their ears.  It was kind of funny.  Later I had a lady take a picture of Lily and me next to Scotty and Eleanor came over too, but she still didn't get too close.
 We also rode the bucket train, which was fun, but probably not worth the $2 per person.
 This looked like so much fun and the kids really enjoyed it!  It was a straw/hay slide.  They got to go down it on a sled.  Chloe looked terrified the first time she went down, but once she got to the bottom she grinned so big!  It was very cute.

 This was by far the kids favorite activity!  They had two tubs filled with corn and wheat!  They got to sit in it and play in it.  How fun!  Lily loved it!  She would have stayed there the whole time I think.

 I didn't plan too well for food since I wasn't sure how long we would stay at the patch.  I brought drinks for the kids, but no food, so as it got later they kept mentioning that they were hungry.  In the little "General Store" they had Frito Soup (which I know for a fact my kids won't eat) or they had cookies and cinnamon rolls, so I got each kid a chocolate chip cookie and they were huge!  I was going to share one with Lily, but she freaked out and wanted to hold it, so I just gave in.  I didn't really want to cause a scene.  I just tore off bites for me every so often.  Anyway, once they started the movie later they also had bags of popcorn for 50 cents, so we got two bags to share.


  1. Wow! I'm so glad you went! It sounds like you all had a nice time.

  2. Where is this pumpkin patch at?

  3. It is between McPherson and Lindsborg off of Quivera Rd I believe.

  4. "Grammy's" Pumpkin Patch sounds great!
    The kids told me some about their fun times! I'm glad you were able to go and enjoy! Yea! for great photo memories!

  5. I know it was work on your part going alone w/the kids, but I'm sure it was worth it-- love all the pics! And it'll be a great memory for the kids. Looks like a really cool place!