Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I posted a while back about Chloe's eye and how she's had a clogged tear duct since birth and we were thinking about the possibility of surgery to fix it...well, we took her to a pediatric ophthalmologist and it turns out that she does not have a blocked tear duct after all! She will not need surgery! The reason her eye gets goopy is because her nose is so petite, so when she is sick or if she has allergies and she gets stuffed up or congested then the little passageway in her nose for the tears to pass through and drain out sometimes gets kind of smashed together and will not allow the tears to pass, thus causing the back up of the tears and the goopiness. I know that was not a very medical or scientific description, but that was the best I could do. The Dr. said that there are procedures that they can do, but he would not recommend it in Chloe's case. He told us that as she grows and her nose gets bigger then she will most likely not have this problem anymore! What a relief!
Here is Chloe on the way home from the eye doctor
Lilyana is trying to crawl!
I made a Hello Kitty headband/hat for Eleanor out of paper
Chloe wanted one too, so here is hers
Yesterday I decided that I really needed to start working a little harder with Lily to try to help her learn to sit up on her own. She started out sitting up for about 5 seconds and then toppling over, but by the end of the day she was sitting unsupported for several minutes! I think she just needed a little nudge. The great thing is that even when she does kind of fall over she doesn't cry at all. She is getting good at catching herself and then she rolls over and gets up on her hands and knees! She is growing so fast :(
Here we are in the moby again! I am so glad I made this purchase. I didn't want to waste money on it in case I didn't end up using it or if she didn't like it, but it has been a very good purchase and I am so glad she likes it. Some days if she is exceptionally fussy this is the only way I can keep her happy and still get some things done around the house.


  1. Praise the Lord about Chloe's eye, that is great news!!!

    I carry Seth around the house in a carrier sometimes too. I'm with you, it's nice to have a happy baby and get things done!

  2. xoxoxxoxo!
    You (and Joanne) are amazing to carry those pouches like marsupials! God's designs are brilliant! Yes!?

  3. I am so glad about Chloe's eye!
    Yay for a way to make a fussy baby happy.