Friday, September 17, 2010

Just some photos

I hung up the Lily picture in Chloe/Lily's room. Chloe will eventually move in with Eleanor.

The cross over the bed says "God Bless Baby", it's from my Grandma. It's really cute! I should have done a close up...

My mom gave me these flower tiles and I thought they looked cute with the butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs and bees.

When Sean finished his after school snack of cheese peanut butter crackers he decided to get all of the letter magnets off the fridge. First he spelled his name and then he decided to do the whole alphabet! He did really well with just a little help from mommy. Some of those letters do look alike and sound alike. It was quite a process. He'd do a couple at a time and then go back to the beginning and sing the alphabet song to where he left off and keep going. I was amazed at how patient he was even though he had to keep going back to the beginning.

My parents came and watched the girls on Thursday when I went to my Dr. appointment. When I got back I was surprised to see that my dad had put in some more of the lower cabinets! He said he could probably give us a temporary plywood top too! Thanks dad! You are the best! Now...about the front said to had some red paint??? LOL ;-)


  1. Love the kitchen cabinets!

    The little girls room is adorable!