Friday, September 17, 2010

Autumn is nearing!

I believe Wednesday the 22nd is the first day of Fall? I could be wrong, but I'm too lazy to look at a calendar right now. However, yesterday felt so much like Fall! It was amazing! The girls and I walked in the park and saw some changing leaves. I always feel so energized in the cooler Fall weather. Unfortunately the next few days are not going to be quite so Fall like from the weather report on the weather channel.

We also walked to get Sean from school yesterday. On the way home it started raining! It didn't pour, but we did get wet. There were some pretty big drops! Sean asked me what the caterpillars do when it rains. I wasn't really sure, but I said maybe they hide under leaves? Then he spotted this big white mushroom in someones yard and decided that the caterpillars are probably using it for their umbrella. I thought it was just as good an idea as any other, so I agreed.

Sorry the picture is a little washed out.