Thursday, July 22, 2010

What to do on a hot Summer day...? Sorry I go a bit overboard on pictures sometimes...

Well this morning while it was still "cool" out (meaning it was only 89 degrees as opposed to 109 haha!) we went to the park to walk. We haven't really done that for a while since it has been so hot and the mosquitoes have been so bad. Our town did finally spray and I think it has helped quite a bit!

I thought this duck/goose? with the brown was neat looking.
This afternoon after the kids naps I got the bright idea to go outside and let them play in the water. Our pool water was getting nasty, so we dumped it out and it seemed also to get a hole somewhere, so we've decided not to put it back up. Anyway, I had an idea that I hoped would be fun for them anyway... Here is a picture of them in their new chairs from Papa and Grandma. I had them sit while I got our fun ready...
I gathered up some buckets and their pool toys, put a drop of dish soap in each container, and then filled them all up with water! They had a blast! We were out there for at least an hour and a half just splashing around in the bubbly water :-)
Sean was a little hesitant about the idea, but he decided I was pretty smart after all...

After a while they were getting tired of the buckets, so I put the sprinkler on low and they all enjoyed that for a while. They don't like it on too high or it hits them in the face and then Chloe won't go near it, but this way they all had fun.

Soon after that I shut off the water and we started to dump out the buckets. The kids wanted to use their watering cans to empty it out and water the grass in the process. That worked OK until they poured water all over my chair, so then I made them sit back on their chairs while I finished the job.

Last here is a picture of Sean pretending to be an astronaut the other evening. You can see his spaceship off to the side also. We watched Planet 51 two days in a row, so he is is currently really into the whole alien/astronaut thing right now.


  1. Cool fun!
    Oh those kids were lovin' that!

  2. Looks like fun! Where did their chairs come from - they are too cute!!!