Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A walk down memory lane

Mom had found a "lost" box of pictures, so I tried to help her organize and rid out a little while the kids were napping at her house yesterday. It is always fun to look back and remember good...and sometimes not so good times!

The kids had fun looking at some of them too when they woke up. Eleanor saw a picture of me at about her age and she said, "I think this is Ellie". Then she saw a picture of mom at my age with her dad, my grandad, and Ellie said, "I think this is mommy"! I love that little girl and I think it's cute that she recognized some similarities!


  1. Liv~ Thank you! Thank you for helping! It was fun to look at some photos with the kids and play "Guess who!"

  2. I wish I could have helped too! I love lookin at old pics.

  3. Tab~ If it works out when you come for a visit, we can look at some!