Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cheezy Scrabble fun!

The kiddos and I had some Avon deliveries to make yesterday morning. Our first stop was to my Grandma M's, then we headed to my mom's for the rest of the day. After the kids ate their lunch we snacked on some Cheez-its! They were not your typical Cheez-its though, they were Scrabble! We had fun spelling each others names and then eating those names!

Sean wanted me to spell The Man in the Yellow Hat, from Curious George

Sean and whats left of Mike, my dad, and Chris

Chloe, Olivia, Laurie, my mom, and Elanor. I didn't realize that there was an e missing for Eleanor!:(

Dr. Pepper is a refreshing companion to this salty treat!:)


  1. Awesome! Thats pretty cool! I haven't seen those in stores yet!