Wednesday, December 09, 2009

She's a climber!

Chloe loves to climb on this step stool that we keep in the bathroom so the kids can reach to wash their hands. She also climbs on Sean's bed and squeals with proud delight at her accomplishment! She climbs on Sean's rocking motorcycle, she even tries to climb up my leg! She is also getting so good at standing up on her own without using anything to pull herself up, and she has been walking all over the place by herself! Sometimes she will walk to a pillow or to her Raggles puppy and then she will go down and dive head first into them! At least they are soft! I am amazed at my little climber and so proud of her, but I am also wondering what the future holds! She is such a go getter! The worst part about her knowing how to climb, is that she is not so sure how to get down. She has gone head first off of Sean's bed a few times and once out of the bathtub while I was getting Eleanor dressed. She is so quick! She used to sit and play in the tub while I would dress the other two, but now she has to be the first to get out so she doesn't break her little neck!


  1. The sweet toddler is scaling new heights!
    I love that crazy climber Chloe!