Saturday, December 19, 2009

Birthday Party Time!

The day before Chloe's birthday I was busy cleaning and getting the apartment ready for guests. To keep Chloe happy and contained for a while I put her in a big booster at the table with some Cheerios and water. I had to vacuum around her chair after that!

Apparently the birthday girl makes the rules! She got into the "no-no's"
The table all decorated!
Blue's Clues Paw Print Cake


  1. Happy birthday darlin babe!
    Liv~ Thanks for the yummy brunch and hospitality!
    Love ya!

  2. Cute cupcake background!
    I spy Grandma Bubbles peeking out from beside me. (I wish I would have scooted back so we could see her!)
    Chloe eating her birthday cupcake is a hoot! I love her attitude! What a pleasant and cuddle-bug darlin!

  3. Oh man! Wish we could've been there. Miss you guys! Happy Birthday Sweet Chlo Bear.