Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Worn OUT!

I had to be up early today to take Chloe to her sonogram, which was fine. She cried through it, but we won't know any results for a while. Even though I tried to be very quiet, Sean and Eleanor woke up too. Actually Sean said he woke Ellie up. Not cool. Anyway, mom ended up meeting me at the hospital and came with us to the sono. When we got done, she came back to our apartment. Chris went to work, and we got ready to take Sean to preschool. After dropping Sean off, mom, me, and the girls went to Walgreen's, and then ate at a little greasy spoon in our town. We will skip that restaurant next time around! Soon after that it was time to pick Sean up from school. Once we got home, mom went back home herself, and the kids played until lunchtime. Mealtimes are always full of drama at out table! I really wasn't hungry, so nothing sounded very good to me, and since we had recently had breakfast, I figured Eleanor wouldn't be very hungry, but she insisted that she had to have green beans! Sean ate his food very well, and Chloe did too. However, Eleanor decided that green beans were not going to be good afterall, and she whined and cried. Whatever, I really didn't care. I told her to be quiet and wait till everyone else was finished eating to get down, then I just ignored her. Next thing I knew, she was snoozing away! I guess we wore her out today!


  1. Does Chloe's sonogram have to do with the infection she just had, or something else?

    I love how Eleanor's arm is propped up while she is sleeping, and Sean is smiling, so cute!

    Ya, definitely not cool when one of the kids wakes up a sibling, I can relate.

  2. Yes, the sonogram was to check her kidneys to see if urine is backing up from the bladder to see if that's what caused the infection.

    Next Tuesday they will insert a catheter and put dye in her bladder and take xrays to check for the same thing. It's supposed to be a more thorough test than the sonogram alone.

  3. How cute! What a tired babe.