Monday, November 02, 2009

Unloadin the haul!

After Trick-or-Treating at the nursing home, we went back to mom and dad's house to dress the kids in their PJ's and visit with them for a while before going home.

I had the three kids sit in a row and dump out the contents of their bags for a picture.
They each, well not Chloe, but the other two were able to pick one piece of candy each to eat that night.

Chloe was just as happy to shake the boxes of some Nerds and Milk Duds.

Grammy helped Eleanor put the candy back in her bag. Eleanor asked Grammy "What's this one?" each time she put one in the bag. Grammy would say "That's M&M's", or whatever it was etc., then Ellie would try to repeat it. It was cute!

Eleanor decided to get generous and share some candy with Grammy.

Mmmm, I bet this would taste a lot better without this wrapper!