Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy Halloween! 2009

This year we went to mom and dad's so they could see the kids in costume. We went to a few houses, but then decided the best plan might be to take the kids trick or treating at the nursing home where I used to work. I think it worked out great! There were quite a few kids there and several of the residents were handing out candy! The kid's bags got almost too heavy for them to carry!

First we took some pictures.
Chloe wore Eleanor's pony costume from last year, Sean the Pirate Cowboy, Eleanor the little princess!

We ended up finding Eleanor's tiara, gloves, necklace, and hand bag at Dollar General in a boxed set! It was quite a hit!


  1. I think that Eleanor's costume looks amazing! Great job!!! They all look great!

  2. Cute costumes! They look great! Thats so nice you trick or treated there! I'm sure everyone loved the kids!