Sunday, September 13, 2009

What a day!

There are some days that we just should've stayed in bed! Yesterday was one of those days, but in the end, it was an interesting adventure. Saturday was Chris's first day off in quite a little while. He usually wants to stay home and do nothing, but I like to go out and do stuff on his days off because I have been home with the kids and need some social interaction! We finally agreed to go for a drive out into the country to look at an old brick school house that is for sale. I do know how to get there, but I misjudged the roads and turned a bit too early. When I realized this I thought maybe I should turn and go back, but we both said, 'oh well, let's just turn up here and we will get back on track'...famous last words! The roads to this house are all paved, but since I turned at the wrong place we had to go on some dirt roads. At first I said that I hoped they weren't too wet, but we both thought that they looked fine to drive on. Well, low and behold they were much more wet than they looked and the car started to swerve a bit. At this point we could not turn around because there was quite a bit of muddy water in the ditches on either side. It was too late and we were STUCK!

This is what Chloe was doing before we left. I think she had the right idea for the day, but we had other plans.
Here is the car officially stuck. It doesn't look so bad, but the wheels would not turn!
You can see tracks where Chris pushed the car from behind and I gave it all the power it could muster from the driver's seat!

Eventually we did call my dad to come and help pull us out with his truck. Wish I would've gotten pictures of the story's hero, but I don't know where my mind was at this point? However, we did have a little time to enjoy the nature around us while we waited for his appearance.

Sean said we needed Mr. Incredible to come help.

Wouldn't ya know Chris wore his new Nike's!

Chloe was happy and slept for most of the ordeal.

In the end we did get to drive out and look at the house. I don't know what the future holds, but we did contact our Realtor and are planning on looking at this house sometime this week. I am excited about it and the possibilities it could have...
Now we know not to try to take any short cuts!


  1. Yes! We must reveal the "Real Mr.Incredible" who came to your rescue; "Your Dad"!
    What a man! (I decided to wait a few miles back on dry ground with our car in case you were too stuck even for "Mr. I" and he'd have to drive you all back to our car.) As I watched him drive down the muddy road to get to you slippin and slidin, (and wondered who I call if he also got stuck... and prayed... and called Tab for back-up prayer) I was also reminded what a "Mr. Incredible" I married!

  2. What an adventure! So glad you made it out safely. Cute little kiddos waiting to get un-stuck.
    Man! I hope Chris' shoes clean up ok.
    Cool school/house. That would be awesome!!!!

  3. What a day! I think you have to have those every once in awhile to appreciate the "easier" times. Very cool house!!!

  4. Yes, I "third-it" on the "cool house" comment!! Looks almost something cool enough for a "Hoag" to hang-out in!! ;0) You know, since you come from that talented-contractor/awesome-taste kind of family!! Glad you all got out of the mess safe and sound! I've even experienced assistance from that "Mr. I" when I backed into my garage door, from inside the garage ;(, and my own "Mr. I." was out of town!! I am so glad there is enough of him to go around!! Hopefully, we won't all call on him at the same time!!