Sunday, September 13, 2009

Car wash

After our muddy experience in the previous post the car needed a bath! We decided to take it through the automatic car wash. Then afterwards Chris took it to the self serve car wash to get what the automatic missed. There was a LOT of mud caked to the bottom and the tires. This was a new experience for the kiddos. We NEVER wash our cars, so it was fun.

Sean thought it was the coolest thing ever and Eleanor was not so sure...

The soap is multicolored! Awesome!

Poor Baby Chloe did not appreciate the car wash one bit! You can see a tear going down her sweet little cheek.


  1. 1. Sweet Chloe
    2. Sweet Eleanor (loud noises are not her friends)
    3. Funny Sean w/ his orange bandana!
    4. I guess you got a clean car outa the deal!

  2. Well, Eleanor and Chloe are a lot like my kids. They do not like the carwash. It scares them and I don't know why! They've been in many carwashes in their lifetime. We lived w/ mom for a year! You know we're going to hit a carwash. Personally, i love those things!