Thursday, September 03, 2009

Preschool, paint, and a vent about Walmart

Today was Sean's first day of Preschool! He was so excited and ready to get out the door this morning!

Eleanor thought she needed her backpack too! She put her juice and her blanket in there before we left.

Sean found his name tag all by himself and put it on his shirt! In the background you can see three backpacks side by side, I think they are all Spider-Man! Sean also found his name on the hook where his backpack goes. His is on the very end! I wish I would've gotten more pictures, but I was trying to keep Eleanor close and Sean was ready for us to leave. He gave me a hug and a kiss and said, "Bye mom!".

This was Eleanor's reaction to Sean going to Preschool. She was so upset that she couldn't stay with him!

So we went to the park and took a walk to lift her spirits. We had a good time, but it was sure quiet without "Mr. Chatterbox"!

Sean was so happy and full of stories when we picked him up. He even told his teachers that he loved them! He said his favorite times were going outside to play and riding bikes and also playing with the car track. He also seemed to think that the chocolate Teddy Grahams they had for snack was a pretty cool bonus! Plus his friend Genesis goes there on the same days and he said that she wanted to sit next to him when they painted. That made him feel pretty special because he loves Genesis!

Now on to the paint and Walmart bit of this blog.

We went to Walmart yesterday evening to pick up some paint and supplies to go ahead and start on the living room. We stood and waited patiently while the man behind the counter mixed and shook our paint. Thankfully the kids were being pretty good, they sat in the carts nicely. Anyway, Eleanor waved to the worker and said, "Hi man". She calls all men "man" and all women "lady" unless she knows their names. Anyway, Chris and I both thought it was cute and sweet. This guy glances at her, completely UNamused, then mumbles "Hi" without even a smirk! Now I know that I am biased and think that my kids are the cutest in the world, and I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but seriously??? I couldn't believe that he couldn't at least pretend to be nice and say hello in a nicer way! However, he did do a great job on the paint. I think it is a perfect match to the sample and I can't wait to see it on the walls!
So today after we got Sean from Preschool we went and did some grocery shopping at Walmart. We were out of a few things, but one of the big reasons for this trip was so I could get a new mop. I cleaned on Monday and my original Swiffer sweeper/mop that I have had since we got married, fell apart! It was time for a new one! I went ahead and cleaned the floors on my hands and knees that day, but I prefer to stand the next time I clean. So I am very excited to try out my new Clorox Ready Mop! Kind of sad that this is what makes me happy these days hahaha!

OK, so I am at the checkout, I have Chloe attached to me in the front pack and the other two are in the huge cart with the double seats. Now the lady at the register was not a Spring chicken by any means, but she was working there and I was a paying customer. I had a large package of bottled water that I didn't want to take out of the cart, so I asked if she could just scan it there for me. She acted as if I'd asked for a kidney! Then she packed each sack as full as she possibly could! When I got home some of them were breaking! The biggest kicker though to me was that she did not help me load my cart! She had stuff piled in the middle of the sack turn table thing! She started with the next customer before I was even ready to leave! I know my mom has had a similar post and I am in no position to complain as she needs the help much more than I, but I still think Walmart employees are rude and I don't care if you are an able bodied person, or handicapped, they should help you load your groceries. If I'd wanted to do it all myself I would have gone to the self check!


  1. Don't even get me started about Wal-Mart!!! UGH! I mean it!!!
    So glad Sean had a nice time at preschool Are we surprised? "Mr. Social" loves people! That's a good thing!

  2. Well I'm glad he is enjoying it! Hopefully Eleanor will adjust quickly for your sake! I wish Walmart had those self checks here, they took them out:( I miss them! I hate Walmart lines with a passion!

  3. Wow! Great, great, great that Sean enjoyed it so much. Poor Ellie missing her big brother.

    Those walmart employees could learn some social skills. Were they homeschooled?

  4. Haha! So true Tab! Isn't it funny that most of the homeschoolers we know and grew up with DO have great social skills!!!???

    Why is it that everyone seems to think that homeschoolers get no socialization? It seems the opposite to me!