Sunday, June 07, 2009

Happiness is...

...sharing a snack of raisins and cashews with happy Eleanor after her nap!

My sweet girl was the first of the three to arise from napping. We had a nice time together without the other two. She has been missing her mommy lately. A little jealous of baby.

Silly face for the camera


  1. she is so sassy has been having some jealousy too, the other day we spent somet 1 on 1 time together, it was nice too.

  2. always nice to have a one on one. Makes them feel really special. Ellie will feel different when she gets older,enjoy the moment, liv
    love you, grandma b.

  3. So, what will it be? Milk, juice or water?? Oh, you'd like all three!

  4. I'm sure her day was brightened getting mommy all to herself for a while!