Friday, March 13, 2009


My 26th birthday was on March 10th. The kids and I spent the day at Mom's house, which is something I enjoy anytime! Well, the next day Christine kept Sean and Eleanor for me and Mom, Chloe, and myself went to Wichita to do some shopping and eating at Cracker Barrel. One the of places that we shopped was Carter's. I love Carter's baby clothes! Anyway, they were having a huge storewide clearance sale. Everything was 50% off the already clearanced price! I could have gotten a lot more, but I limited myself to just a few things for Chloe. I got her two outfits and two tops worth $64 for only $6.40! Now that's the way to shop!

Here is Chloe in one of her new outfits.

Shortly after that first photo Chloe spit up a whole lot on her new outfit, so I changed her into her other new outfit! Here it is...

Here is Chloe first thing in the morning.

Here is Sean and Chloe together first thing in the morning.


  1. Sweet Chloe. I hope she's feeling better. She looks so sweet in her new outfits. I love Carter's too, but not their full-priced stuff. Thank goodness for good sales! I got Naomi a pair of flip-flops at Carter's today for 2.50!!!

  2. I love Carter's too! Their sales are what bring me there as well; otherwise it's too expensive.