Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Check these out!

These are some more pictures from Tabitha's visit. These pictures are also on my Mom's and Sister's blogs.

These are out of order, sorry.

This was taken and Grandma and Grandad's house on Saturday after we went out to eat. Me and my sweet little cuddle bug Chloe.

Here's Dad, Tab, and me at the bowling alley on Saturday afternoon

Dad, Tab, Christine, and me at the bowling alley
This was Tab's first time holding Chloe!

Sean at Great Grandma "Bubbles" house on Saturday

Chris, Chloe, and me at Grandma and Grandad's on Saturday

Aunt Tab and Eleanor at Mom's on Friday

Grandma, Tab, and me at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants on Saturday


  1. Umm. Short, but sweet times!
    Love ya Liv!

  2. Love that first picture of you and Chloe!!That Sean is a hoot!!!Good pictures!, see you tonight, Love, Grandma B.

  3. Hi Olivia!!! I love all the pictures you post on your blog. You are amazing keeping up with three kids and blogging and everything! Chloe is such a doll, SO cute, and I love her hair. And I wanted to tell you that her Valentine's outfit that she wore was adorable! I really liked those photos you took of her in it. You mentioned sometime on your blog about how you really like celebrating the holidays, I think that's really neat for kids to have those traditions to look forward to.

    I bet it was so nice to see Tabitha again! It's good that she was able to come up to see Chloe; looks like you all had fun. Hey, we're planning on traveling out to Kansas sometime around the 4th of July, so we should totally schedule a time to meet up! I'd love to see you again after all these years and meet your family in person! I'll let you more specific travel plans when we get them.