Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just some random photos of the kids

This is what Eleanor wanted to wear one morning last week. I was in the process of getting everyone up and dressed and she said she wanted a hat on and pockets, so this is a fleece hoodie with pockets. Then she also wanted to wear slippers. She was very pleased that I complied with her wishes.

Sean wanted to dress up in his dragon costume and then he wanted to talk to Chloe, but he said, "Don't worry, I won't scare her because I am a good dragon and a good big brother."

And he wasn't lying!

Chloe smiling at Mommy

Chloe in the bassinet that we had for Sean when he was a baby. This was sent to us from my Great Aunt Arlene who lives in the great state of Ohio. We had taken it to Chris's parent's house to use there several times and ended up leaving it there for the next time we came for a visit. Well, this last visit Chloe slept in this bassinet and she slept all night long, so we decided to bring it home with us and she has been sleeping in it every night since then. I love this little baby bed. It plays classical music and it vibrates and the stars on the sides even light up to the beat of the music. Very cool!

Sean has been dressing himself and he loves to change clothes several times throughout the day. Usually I don't mind just so long as he doesn't make a huge mess in the process. The day he had already changed several times and then he came out of his room in his undies. He said he was going to bed, so I asked him if he needed help putting on some pjs, but he said no, he wanted to just wear his underwear just like Daddy! I thought it was pretty funny and his pose was so cute!

Then along came Eleanor stripped to her shirt and new big girl Dora underwear, but to top it all off she had her big Dora boots on too! How proud she was!


  1. So cute!
    That Eleanor and her Dora boots!!
    I love that Chloe is smiling now!
    Goofy Goober Giggly Dragon Sean!

  2. Funny, adorable, cute, sweet! Those are MY nieces and nephew.