Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Turn the doorbob Ellienor"

Yesterday afternoon while I was feeding Chloe, Eleanor got herself locked in the room she shares with Sean. I was frustrated with her because she knows that is a no-no and she was sooo quiet in there that I was also a little bit worried. I asked Sean if he would go knock on the door and ask her if she was OK. He diligently did as instructed and came back to tell me that she was fine. However, he really wanted to get in their room so he could play with her, so he went back to the door and said, "Ellienor, turn the doorbob!", and he continued to do this and knock on the door until I was able to get up from feeding Chloe and get the door open using a paper clip. I tried to tell him that she doesn't know how to open the door, but he didn't believe me and then I also tried to tell him that the word is actually doorKNob, and not doorBob, but everytime he would repeat it back to me as doorbob. I thought that it was kind of cute and funny. Anyway, I also think it's cute that he calls Eleanor, Ellienor. I think maybe he just puts her name and her nickname together as one name, although he prefers when I call her Boogie-Butt when I am just being silly.

1 comment:

  1. Never a dull moment!
    Eleanor is no dummy!
    If she has to lock the door to get a few moments without big brother, she knows how now!
    "doobob"! Ha! Too cute!!