Thursday, January 15, 2009

Little Mommy

This morning while I was trying to console a fussy Chloe, and Sean was playing happily with his cars, I realized that Eleanor was nowhere to be seen! I listened for a few seconds and heard some noises that I thought were coming from her bedroom, but when I walked down the hallway I realized that the sounds were actually coming from the bathroom...well...bathtub to be exact! This is what I found...

Apparently "Little Mommy" thought her baby doll needed a bath!


  1. She looks pleased as punch!
    Cute, Funny Eleanor!
    Did she turn on water or just use the tub as a play place?

  2. Thankfully she didn't turn on the water, but there was a wet washcloth and some wet toys in there from their bath last night. She and the baby got damp, but not soaked!

  3. How cute! What fun when their imaginations really start showing!

  4. Sweet Little Ellie!!!Beautiful smile and loves to cuddle. You are a "Sweetheart"