Sunday, January 04, 2009

More Chloe

OK, the first three pictures are of Chloe with my old Angel bear and then also wearing the bear's outfit. I don't know the full story of how I got this bear, but I know that it was mine when I was quite young and I always called her "Angel bear".

Now my own sweet angel is wearing this little bear's outfit

Here is Chloe with her Einstein hair after her bath today. She is also wearing the darling outfit Great Grandma Jerry "Bubbles" got her.

I have decided that every month until Chloe turns one I am going to take a picture of her in this chair next to this bear so we can watch her grow! Here is our first month, or shall we say zero month (2 weeks 2 days)!


  1. Angel Bear outfit on Chloe!
    How adorable!!!
    I love the Einstein hair!
    Great idea to chart grown in comparison to the brown bear!
    Can't wait to kiss that baby again!
    Love ya!

  2. Oh yeah. I got the irresistable Angel Bear for a Christmas gift for you one year. The year before or after Wraggles!

  3. I love Chloes hair and my how she has grown!! We'll be up to see you sometime this week. The idea about the bear is great!! See 'ya soon, love, Grandma B

  4. The second picture of Chloe makes me smile everytime I see it! Aww!

  5. Liv,

    Congratulations on your third little precious angel!!! Just getting around to look at all the wonderful pictures of all three kiddos--they are all so photogenic, even Chloe already!!
    What can I say, except how blessed you are and what a wonderful job you are doing with them!! Wished I had your calm and grace!! You're unbelievable!!

    Chloe is such a sweetie--I am looking very forward to meeting her in person very soon!!

    Love to you,