Friday, January 09, 2009

Happy Baby = Happy Mommy!

My sweet friend Roni stopped by today to give me this baby sling/pouch/carrier...whatever you want to call it. Anyway, she made it herself! Roni also has a baby girl named Kristen who is 5 weeks old, so Chloe and Kristen are just two weeks apart! Anyway, Roni made herself one of these slings and her baby loves it and Roni loves it because it is hands free! So, I decided to try it out this afternoon when Chloe got fussy and she immediately fell asleep! In fact, she is still sleeping in it as I sit and type! There are supposed to be several different ways to wear the sling, but I haven't done any experimenting just yet.

Here is what it looks like on

Mommy's eye view

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  1. That was sweet of Roni! There are times when that sling is a true blessing to both Mommy and baby!