Friday, November 21, 2008

Cracker Barrel and getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Wednesday my mom, sisters, nieces, nephew, and my kids and myself decided to take a little journey to the Russel Stover's Chocolate Factory. They were having some sales on their Valentine's and Halloween candy, so I got quite a bit for fairly cheap! Plus they always have free samples throughout the store, Yum!!!

After our chocolate fix we decided to venture a little further down the highway for some good ol' Cracker Barrel food! After eating and browsing the gift store a while we went outside and let the kids play and rock in the chairs. It was such a nice Fall day and it was good for them to get some energy out before we got back in the car for the long ride home!

Here are Henry, Marcail, Eleanor, Naomi, and Sean all posed on one the benches outside for a Cousin picture together!

My sweet little Ellie Girl in a K-State rocker (for Daddy)

Go Wildcats!

Naomi and Henry

Marcail and Sean playing Checkers together

Nay Nay and Eleanor

Tab and Me

My little man in a K-State rocker (for Daddy)
Yesterday we had a Thanksgiving party at a friend's house. It was a lot of fun for the kids to play with friends! We had good food and the Hostess let the kids make little mini pudding pies, my kids chose chocolate over vanilla (I wonder who they take after!?! Hehehe!!!). We also had fun doing some crafts together.
I also brought stuff for all the kids to make Indian feather headbands. Sean really like this craft! Eleanor just wanted to eat the feathers, so she doesn't have one. Maybe next year...

Today we decided to make some linking paper rings to countdown to Christmas (and my due date). Sean had fun "helping", but he really just wants to tear off the paper! I think this will be something fun for him to do everyday and he will be able to watch it get smaller the closer we get to Christmas!

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  1. You got some more really good pictures of the kids and of Tabitha & you! When did you set up your Christmas tree? What a good idea with the paper chain! And that Thanksgiving party sounded fun. 6 more days until T-day!