Friday, November 21, 2008

Consult with surgeon for hernia and another blanket from Granny to Chloe!

I had my appt. on Tuesday with the surgeon who will be repairing my hernia. After meeting him and asking him my questions and having him explain it all to me I feel really good about having the surgery after Chloe is born. We will wait until she is about 7 weeks old to it.

In other news, Chris's parents were here this last weekend and they brought with them a blanket from Granny (Chris's Grandma, his dad's mom). It is so pretty and girly, so I thought that I would show it off on here. Chloe will now have two blankets made just for her by Granny!Blanket from Granny to Chloe


  1. Granny made a sweet and soft blanket! I'm so glad you have surgery planned even though it can't be too fun to look forward to!

  2. Homemade blankets are the best! They are so special.

    When you first reported the hernia news, I read up on it, and since then someone I know from church just had hernia surgery and I talked to his wife about it; anyways, I have become a little more familiar with them, and wanted to ask you if they're fixing yours with mesh. That seems to be the favored procedure these days. So how long did they say the recovery will be? At least you'll have some time in between Chloe's birth and the surgery to recover from giving birth and get used to having a newborn again. (As much as that's possible, right? :) )