Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pics from the last week or so

Here is a cute and classic Christmas dress that I got for Chloe in hopes that she will be born before Christmas and be able to wear it! If she doesn't get to it is not too big a deal because I got it pretty cheap at Goodwill! I really hope she will get to wear it though, it is just so pretty! I think it would be great if I could find one very similar for Eleanor to wear as well!
Marcail wearing Sean's rain boots and playing with his firetruck station

Sean got stuck underneath a table at Grammy's house that he was not even supposed to be under anyway. I know I am cruel, but it was just so funny and he wasn't really hurt, he just didn't know how to get out! I don't think he'll be doing that again!

Eleanor coloring very seriously!

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  1. That dress is so adorable! Even if she is born after Christmas you should still take a picture of Chloe in it :) . With Sean & Eleanor, how close to your due date did you deliver with them?