Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Review of Influenster Nurture VoxBox

This post is to share my reviews of my free Influesnter NurtureVoxBox - Here is a quick overview of what was in the box -

 Ore-Ida Easy Fries - Influenster Review

The kids and I tried these Ore-Ida Easy Fries. I have to admit I was a little skeptical because I prefer baking fries in the oven and I didn't think the fries would get crispy in the microwave.  I was wrong.  They got crispy and they tasted great!  The only downside is that for a family of 7 we would need at least 3 boxes of fries to go around, so that 4 minutes in the microwave would turn into 12 minutes.  So in my opinion these are great for a snack, but if I was making them to go along with a meal I would prefer the Ore-Ida fries we typically buy to bake in the oven :)

Chloe's review :) They actually weren't all that salty, but I did add salt to them ;) 

#OreIdaEasyFries @Oreidapotatoes @Influenster

Attitude Little Ones Shampoo Review

I love pretty much everything about this shampoo! I kinda wish it had more scent, but I am also glad that it has a soft scent that isn't overpowering, so really that isn't even a complaint lol. The ingredients are worry-free, which is awesome!  No toxic, cancer causing ingredients.  I feel like this shampoo works well for my 6 year old, 4 year old, and 10 month old since their hair is still somewhat thin.  My 10 year old and 8 year old both have super thick hair though, so they'd need adult shampoo.

Here is my youngest old enjoying her bath with Attitude! ;)
 Squeaky clean!
I highly recommend this product and it is available at Target.

I received this shampoo from Influenster to try and review for free. My opinions are my own.

@ATTITUDEliving @Influenster #ATTITUDEatTarget

Uncle Ben's Influenster Review

Mixin' it up with Uncle Ben's® Flavored Grains. Looking for some inspiration? Just click here!  I love how easy this rice is to prepare.  It is tasty and makes a perfect side dish to our meals or even on it's own!  That is why I ‪#‎BeginWithBen‬ ‪#‎contest‬ @Influenster @UncleBens
I received this product free to give my honest review :)

Review of Skinfix diaper rash balm
 Happy mommy and happy baby! SkinFix clears rash in just one treatment with safe and effective ingredients :) I love everything about this product. The color, the scent, the thickness. It works too.
 @Skinfixinc Influenster #Skinfixed #contest

Review of Blue Lizard sunscreen  

 I think it is so cool how the cap of the Blue Lizard® turns blue with exposure to UV light! :) To be honest we aren't great at using sunscreen in our family, but this is really nice. It goes on smooth. It feels a little greasy, but it feels light on the skin and seems to cover well without washing off.
 Blue Lizard Sunscreen Influenster #protectingmyfamily #funinthesun #WeveGotYouCovered #contest

Review of Red Vines 

 This was probably the kids favorite part of ‪#‎NurtureVoxBox‬ from Influenster

 Red Vines make a fun and yummy straw and snack :) Even the baby liked chewing on them!

 ‪#‎RedVinesRoadTrip‬ ‪#‎Influenster‬ ‪#‎NurtureVoxBox‬ ‪#‎Contest‬

 Hada Labo Tokyo

Who is up for a little at home spa experience? My skin is feeling hydrated and refreshed with this Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask!
This one was a little outside my comfort zone to post a picture of me in a mask lol but it was fun too :) I like that it's mess free and no rinsing either. Just apply, leave on for 10-15 minutes, discard the mask and pat in remaining serum. It makes your skin feel soft and fresh. @HadaLaboTokyo @Influenster ‪#‎Influenster‬ ‪#‎HadaLaboMask‬ ‪#‎contest‬

Last thing is the Dramamine naturals. I never personally used it because I honestly didn't have a need to, but my husband did. He tends to get motion sickness easily and seemed to think that this worked really well! The fact that it's a non drowsy formula and uses natural ginger are some great features!  
#nondrowsydramamine #contest

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