Saturday, March 08, 2014

Just some updates - March Already!

Here is a picture of Chloe and Lily on Valentine's Day.
Here is Sean setting up some dominoes at Grammy and Grandad's house with a video as well.

Here is a bunny and a sunrise I saw one morning!  We've had some lovely sunrises lately and a friendly little bunny who lives under our deck.

We were able to use part of our tax return to get some things we needed.  Two of those things are school books for 2014-2015 and cloth diapers for the new baby.

I also took a gender test at 6 weeks pregnant.  They claim 98% accuracy.  It will be interesting to find out if it's correct.  Pink or dark pink indicates a girl result and blue or dark purple indicates a boy result.  Mine was very dark purple making it a boy result!  My gut instinct says it's a boy.  I have another 12ish weeks before I can find out for sure!  I have tried a few other tests as well.  One test said girl, another boy, and another boy, and another boy, plus this one says boy...  So far I have more boy results than girl results.  I have one other gender test that I will use when I am 10 weeks pregnant.  I'm excited to see if it gives me another boy result as well.
 So that is about all the news I have right now.  Nothing too much going on.  We did just recently go to Chris's Grandpa's funeral.  It was a quick trip, but good we were able to go.  It was neat to be out at the cemetery and witness the military honor him for his service.  He was in the Navy in WWII.

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