Tuesday, February 04, 2014


Not in order, but here are pictures from January.  We had a home ec day at my mom's one day.  We made mini personal pizzas using English muffins for the crust and we also made no bake cookies.  Fun day! :)
 Sean drew this that same day.
 Just some random selfies.  Plus you can see that Chris chopped my hair off for me! :)
 My little owlets and Eleanor's tree of owls drawing ♥
 Fish eyes

 Chloe and Eleanor made these one day.
 Another one of Sean's drawings.
Eleanor and Chloe coloring at papa and grandma's house.
 Lily eating peaches and being cute at papa and grandma's house.

 She hid in a cabinet during hide and seek.  She's a good hider!  She might have fallen asleep if I hadn't found her... ;)
 Comfy on daddy's back ♥


  1. Wonderful January photos and memories!

  2. Man! Your kids are so talented! You take some great pics, Liv!