Sunday, November 03, 2013

School and Sillies

The two little girls are working on the letter Ff and we are doing "F is for frog".  After this week I am going to just work on reviewing A-F and see if I can get them or at least Chloe to be able to write the letters and recognize them and know their sounds.  They are both doing really well.  Lily doesn't care much to write, but Chloe is really starting to make those connections.

I found a free pre-k frog printable pack that I am currently using for the girls.  There were counting cards with frogs and lily-pads so one day we used candy corn and pumpkins to count with.

The Letter F Sorting page was one of the free printables.  Chloe did really well sorting the big F's from the little f's :)  Then another day we used Cheerios for counting with frogs and lily-pads.

 Lily colored this one day and I was really impressed by how she followed directions and tried to stay in the lines.  She felt really bad for coloring the one small frog red instead of blue.

My kids think I am mean sometimes because I make them work haha! ;) but they have a lot of fun too...

Chris took Sean to play practice one night and the girls and I just hung out.  It's always nice and low-key when the boys are away ;)  Chloe cracks me up how she just makes herself comfortable and will set up the Kindle so she can snack and play or watch.  Sometimes she will have it set up while she colors.  I don't usually let them have it at the table.

We had a cleaning day not too long ago.  I put all of the kids to work and we actually got the house cleaned in a good time!  The girls wiped down the cabinets for me :)  It's nice that they are all still young enough to think it's fun most of the time.

Eleanor made me a crown one day and I was being a dork so I took my picture.  Well tonight I cut Sean's hair and took an after picture and he was making fun of me.  I actually think it's a cute picture of him! :)

Last thing: Here is a video of the kid's latest Bible verse song! :)

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  1. You're doing such a great job at schooling! I'm so impressed. You're a wonderful mommy.