Saturday, October 19, 2013

Homeschool week in review

For part of language arts Sean had to write a paragraph of something he has done to practice using good transitions words.  To make it a little easier for him because he doesn't enjoy writing I used tracing practice so he could trace over the typed words.  He usually doesn't trace and can write really well, but he got a little freaked out over having to write a whole paragraph.  Anyway I had him trace and then underline all the transition words.  3rd grade has a lot more writing than he was used to doing in 2nd grade.
 The little girls studied Ee for Elephant.  The elephant is smart and has a good memory, so when we were talking about the elephant we would say, "I will remember what God has done for me."  I think this next week instead of moving on to the letter Ff we will take the week to review the Aa-Ee and practice writing and counting some more.
 The poem we worked on this week was called The Months by Sara Coleridge.  We did a little study about the seasons and the months.  Funny thing is that we went from summer to fall really quickly it seems and then today we had snow!  There are still green leaves on the trees and yet the snow fell!
 This is a craft we did today.  The dark heart represents our hearts filled with sin and the white heart represents our hearts after Jesus washes our hearts with his precious blood to make us white as snow!
 Here is what we did to study the seasons a little bit.
 One day I had the kids practice their spelling words using Scrabble tiles

That was our week in a little nutshell.

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  1. Love the elephant! And the scrabble spelling.