Friday, October 11, 2013

Farm Field Trip Day

Monday we went to a friend's farm for a field trip day.  We got to bottle feed a calf named Dr. Pepper who suckled on my fingers :)
The kids got to play on the "beach" and that was a lot of fun!
 There was a really cool swing that they got to play on!
 We got to ride in the back of a pickup truck to the pasture to see more cows.  I love this picture!  Chloe was having a blast!
 Hi Cows!
 Sean caught quite a few little frogs at the pond "beach" ;)
 We went to another farm just down the road and got to milk a cow named Fatso.  The kids did great and so did Fatso :)
 Here is Fatso.  She is soon to be a mama again.  Also there were three horses at this farm.  Here is Lily with our new friend Amanda checking out the horses.  I love the horses.  The horses, the bottle calf, and getting to milk the cow were the highlights of the day for me.  So cool!  I had always wanted to bottle feed a calf and I had always been curious about milking a cow.  Horse I just love though I know very little about them.

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