Thursday, September 26, 2013

Unit 4 Complete! Trouble with King James in England

This week we read about Scrooby Inn and the Brewster family and how they continued to hold secret church meetings in their home even though the king ordered them not to.  We read about how they chose to follow God even to the point of being put in prison.  The kids got to do a little painting.  They took a black piece of construction paper and used a white crayon to draw stones to look like a stone wall.  Then they took green paint to make rose bushes climbing the stone wall.  Then they took a crumpled up paper towel and dipped it in red to make roses.  The book we are reading described Scrooby Inn as having beautiful, fragrant, roses that climbed the stone walls.
 Chloe and Lily are on Cc for cow, so they had a little cow craft as well.  For cow we kind of have a rhyme.  We count with our fingers - 1, 2, 3 - and then use our fingers again - A, B, C.  The key idea is that God's word helps us grow and the verse 1 Peter 2:2-3 - Like newborn babes desire the pure milk of the word that by it you may grow, if indeed you have tasted the Lord is gracious and good - I kind of paraphrased a little bit on the verse.  It was pretty handy knowing a song to go with the verse to teach the kids.  I will have to get that on video soon :)  We read some books about cows and found some cute youtube videos about cows as well.  It has been a fun week!
We finished reading Helen Keller, so I had the kids do a little book report and draw pictures of their favorite parts of the book.
The kids have spelling words each week and we do some different things to help remember and practice.  I made word search puzzles for them and they also did some rainbow writing.
This was the poem for the week and their drawings on the back of their poems.
At the end of each Unit there are workbooking pages that we use as kind of a review test.  We work together to write the answers, but sometimes their answers differ slightly and that is just fine!
Here is a picture of the kids hard at work.  It's funny to me that they often like to stand or sit on the floor to work
 One day we did our work in the waiting room at the dentist office while Sean got some sealants on a few of his teeth
 This was taken when we got home from the dentist.  Sean got some fake teeth that are really ugly from the dentist lol ;)  And Lily is a little jumper!
Today was National Pancake Day so we had pancakes for lunch.  Yum!
And here are just some other pictures from the week

 New shoes!

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