Saturday, August 24, 2013

When Pigs Fly

We had a fun and busy morning at the airport!  Sean got to ride and airplane and they all got to ride horses!  Those were the two highlights.  They got to do other things too as you will see in the pictures.  For some reason these did not post in order and I don't have it in me to try to get them in order right now.

There was a manpowered tractor for "green farming"
 This is just a random flower (weed) that I took a picture of in the backyard today...
 Some cool planes that were at the airport
 Pictures of Sean, the plane, the pilot, and other kids that he got to take a ride with! :)
 The people from Grammy's Pumpkin Patch were there giving bucket train rids and they also had a hedge-apple sling shot thing that you could shoot to try to knock down some big tin cans.  This is the pumpkin patch that we love visiting in the fall - Just a couple months away now! :)
 The kids also got to shoot BB guns at targets
 There was a milk cow demonstration and they gave the kids bags and milk samples.  The girls put their bags on like this and they looked like little aprons!
 All the kids got to ride the horses!  I was kind of surprised Lily went!  So fun!
 We saw parachutes

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