Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Making Memories♥

School will soon be out!  Just 3 1/2-ish weeks left!  We are all ready for Summer, but we have been enjoying our little Simey so much lately because once school is out he will be moving to another State with his mommy and daddy.  I know we will miss them tons!  We love that little curly-haired dude!  He has grown and changed so much since we first met him and his momma in August 2011.  He was just a little guy then, not even 3 months old yet!  I miss that little baby boy about as much as I miss when my own kids were babies!  It's crazy how much he has become like a part of our family♥  I have been trying to take pictures and just get out and enjoy the weather when he is here.  I am sure the next 3 weeks are going to just fly by!


  1. Thanks for all the care and love you shared with "Simey"! He was just a wee babe when you first met him! Darlin' boy! Best wishes to his family as they move on… Love ya!