Friday, March 08, 2013

More catching up

Lily wanted to be wrapped up like a baby with a mimi after her bath one night.  Such a silly girl!  She never cared too much for being swaddled as an infant and she only took a pacifier for a couple of months before she took to her fingers.  I think she likes being the baby of the family ♥
 Sean called and talked to Grammy one night while his sisters were in the tub.  I thought this was such a sweet picture :)
 We went to mom and dad's the evening before Valentine's for dinner.  It was a nice evening and I snapped this before we left.  The kids each picked out a book from Grammy's "library" to take home.
 Not so happy picture.  Someone smashed Chris' back windshield :(  It is fixed now, but this was not a pleasant thing to wake up to when it's cold out and Chris was needing to get out the door.  I did call and file a report at the urging of friends and family.  I am not holding my breath that they will find whoever did it, but at least we reported it...


  1. Oh no! Someone did that to Jeremy's truck when we lived in Missouri. Not a pleasant surprise at all.

  2. And in the middle of winter! Ugh!